Chinese 5 Elements Questionnaire

Evaluate your personal balance, based on the Mark Johnson's questionnaire
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If the question sounds a lot like you, put +2
If it is somewhat like you, put +1
Put a 0 if it is neutral
-1 if it is not much like you
 -2 if it is nothing like you
If you hate questionnaires and refuse to do it, you are more than likely a "Wood" person!                                         

Phase I
Are you a natural born initiator?
Do you have problems with authority figures?
Do you suffer from migratory pains?
Do you act assertively and confidently?
Does other people's slowness and clumsiness irritate you?
Do you like struggling against great odds to prove to others you can do it?
Are you frequently doing something or going somewhere?
Do you have high blood pressure?
Have you often been told you don't compromise much?
Do you have to be the first and best?
Does confinement and sitting quietly drive you crazy?
Do you get frequent muscle cramps?
Do you like to make the rules and then break them?
Are you passionate about everything you do?
Do you pioneer new trails wherever you go?
Do your nails alternate between hard and thick and dry and brittle?
Are you impatient with uncommitted people with no direction?
Are you afraid to show vulnerability?
Have you ever had tendonitis?
Do you love speed and adventure?
Do you tend to manipulate people and situations to get what you want?
Is controlling your anger one of your biggest problems?
Do you find any kind of restraint insufferable?
Do you do your best work under pressure?
Phase II
Would you describe yourself as an introspective "loner"?
Do you have an exaggerated sex drive?
Is the search for TRUTH a prime motivator in your life?
Do you hate superficiality in people?
Are you creative, imaginative and original?
Are you modest and fear being in the limelight?
Are you self contained and self sufficient?
Is deterioration of teeth and gums a problem?
Do you seek the deep mystery in everything?
Are you out of touch with your emotions?
Do you suffer with backaches frequently?
Are you tactless and even rude occasionally?
Do you have a very penetrating and critical mind?
Do you hate waste and conserve everything?
Is stick-to-ativeness one of your strongest virtues?
Do you have hardening of the arteries?
Is it hard for you to share with others?
Do you suffer with isolation and loneliness?
Are you afraid of loosing yourself in others?
Are you considered enigmatic and eccentric by your friends?
Do you have remarkable powers of concentration?
Are you awkward in social circumstances?
Do you have trouble conforming?
Have you had kidney or bladder problems?
Are you watchful and objective with other people?
Phase III
Do you spend a lot of time and energy consciously seeking the divine?
Do you have an enlarged or weak heart?
Are you charismatic?
Do you have an extreme aversion to pain?
Do you love drama, performing and being in the limelight?
Are you often spontaneous?
Do you get sores on your tongue and around your mouth?
Can't say NO to anyone?
Do you tend to be more sensual than your friends?
Do you love to give your opinion?
Do you fear separation above all else?
Are you clever on your feet?
Do you desire fulfillment more than almost anything?
Do you bore easily with the dull and ordinary?
Do your cheeks turn red easily?
Could you be described as extravagant?
Are you bright and scintillating at social gatherings?
Do you have eczema?
Do you have trouble with boundaries?
Is the need for intimacy a strong motivation with you?
Does sharing come easily?
Are you mostly optimistic and enthusiastic about life?
Are you strongly empathetic?
Do you suffer from anxiety and insomnia?
Are you a "law and order' person?
Do you hold righteousness and virtue in high regard?
Are rituals important to you?
Do you have stiff joints and muscles?
Is chaos your enemy?
Do you have no time for nonsense?
Do you hold very precise standards?
Are you really sensitive to temperature changes?
Are you intolerant of disorder and dissonance?
Is your skin and hair really dry?
Do you fear intimacy?
Do you have a strong aesthetic sense?
Does carelessness in others drive you up a wall?
Are you considered cool, dispassionate and distant?
Do you have a tight chest with dry coughing?
Are reason and high principles your guiding light?
Are you a little too strict and nit-picky?
Do you have refined tastes?
Have you been called self-righteous?
Do you have a lot of moles and warts?
Is social involvement on the bottom of your list of important things to do?
Do you have sinus problems?
Does your constant self control drive your spontaneous friends crazy?
Are you into changing other people?
Do you suffer from constipation?
Do you see yourself as a service oriented person?
Are you working on being more self-reliant?
Do your friends often use you as a negotiator?
Is bloating and water retention a problem?
Do you  struggle with inertia and feel "stuck" sometimes?
Does nurturing come easy to you?
Are you haunted with self-doubt?
Do you like to be in charge, but not in the limelight?
Does your efficiency leave something to be desired?
Does your need to be accommodating result in conformity?
Do you often go through an identity crisis?
Is a need to belong strong in you?
Do you suffer with muscle tenderness?
Are you referred to as a "peacemaker" by your friends?
Do you regard loyalty as being one of the more important traits in a person?
Are you quite conservative in your thinking?
Do you have a strong need to be needed?
Are you often involved in everybody else's business?
Do you suffer with swollen glands and other lymphatic disorders?
Would you like things more predictable because things are changing too fast?
Do you tend to be overly protective?
Do unrealistic expectations leave you disappointed much of the time?
Do you try to be all things to all people?
Is there a deep "emptiness" in the pit of your stomach?
Do you have a squarish, solid physique?
Phase I is the WOOD phase
Phase II is the WATER phase
Phase III is the FIRE phase
Phase IV is the METAL phase
Phase V is the EARTH phase
Now add up each phase by subtracting the negatives from the positives and
see which ones have the highest numbers. Often you will have a phase or
phases that are negative. This is OK. The phase with the least amount of
negatives is your dominant phase. We are all a mixture of these phases so
it is the PROPORTION between them that is important. More than 25 points
between the highest and lowest is a sign of imbalance.
 For instance from dominant to weak might look like this…
WOOD +18,  FIRE +9, EARTH -9, METAL -10, WATER +5 This is a WOOD person
with a weak EARTH phase. To balance them, strengthen Fire
or…WOOD -25, FIRE -16, EARTH -13, METAL 0, WATER -9, This is a METAL
person with a week WOOD phase. To help them, strengthen their WATER.
or…WOOD +6, FIRE +4, EARTH +1, METAL -1, WATER -2, This person is
balanced and all they need do is maintain that balance!

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